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     26" dia.  and 16" dia

Fluted column Pedestals 9" dia. x 36"


Custom wood fluted pedestal columns
Wood barrels 26 inch and 16 inch diameter
Custom stools
Profile face stool
12 inch diameter stools
18 inch tall stool

18" x 18" tall Stool

12" dia. x 18" tall

Profile face Stool

Pedestal 12" dia. x 26"

Abaroot Woodturning manufactures custom hand-turned wood pedestals and stools. Check out just a few of our products. Can you find the custom pedestal with a face profile? Pedestals and stools can be turned from a variety of woods and in a variety of styles including modern, contemporary or traditional. Products come ready-to-finish.

Contact us with questions or get a quote here. We look forward to working with you!

12" dia. x 19" Stool